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Selling your home? Listing it early as a Coming Soon property on compass.com gives buyers and their agents a heads up that your home is about to hit the market. Drive interest with exclusive marketing and gain insights before officially launching.

Early to list. Early to sell. Only with Compass Coming Soon.

What can Compass Coming Soon
do for your listing?

Increase exposure

Positioned on the Compass homepage and prioritized in search results, Compass Coming Soon listings are the first homes buyers see when they visit compass.com. Not only are these listings promoted site-wide, but they may be featured in both national and regional marketing campaigns at no extra cost to you.

Generate buzz

Compass Coming Soon allows you to bring your home to market sooner with differentiated print, digital, and social media marketing materials designed to pique buyers' interest. When it's ready to go live on the broader market, you'll have the opportunity to launch your listing for the second time, attracting even more attention.

Deliver market insights

Take advantage of the pre-marketing period by previewing your home to a high-interest audience as a Compass Coming Soon. It's the perfect time to assess pricing and gather buyer feedback - in most places, without accumulating days on market.

Success stories

Katie L.

“Katie is far more than a sales agent. I had a vague notion of what I wanted to do with regards to moving to Washington from New York, with little idea of how to do it. From the first moment I entered her office, Katie helped me to think through my family's situation and options to come up with a plan to move to DC. She is so top notch - an excellent advisor and negotiator, who consistently guided my family with insights into the DC market and the moving process. It helped us the right decisions throughout the six-month process. Moreover, Katie understands more than the mechanics of making a sale or a purchase. Moving can be exciting, stressful, and tumultuous. Katie supports this process with understanding, experience, and nuance. There's no one I'd recommend more to have as part of your team.”


“Jackson is awesome! It would be impossible to list every single reason why I think he's awesome, but a few of the highlights are that he's caring, hilarious, supportive, and very competent - he's fantastic at what he does and truly made the process of searching for and buying a home so much easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable than it otherwise would've been. He was incredibly patient when I was just casually looking a year ago and he always aimed to be helpful (I noticed how non-pushy he was compared to a couple of other agents that several friends suggested). When my fiance and I were finally ready to buckle down and find a place, Jackson came with us to look at many places, and he was a total pro. He had a great eye for picking up on things/potential problematic signs that we weren't accustomed to look out for since the whole process was so new to us. He was incredibly responsive to emails and texts and always made time for us (to answer questions or come with us last-minute to an open house) and made us feel taken care of. He gave us great advice for both the negotiation and inspection processes. We felt like we were in good hands from start to finish and are forever grateful to Jackson for helping us buy our first home.”

How does Compass Coming Soon work?


While your home is being prepped for market, your Compass agent will preview your property to buyers on compass.com


Your agent will develop a Compass Coming Soon marketing campaign featuring social media, emails, print materials, and more to drive the most traffic possible to your listing


Based on these efforts, your agent can identify the right audience for your listing and gain pricing insights


Then, once your listing prep is complete, your agent will create an official launch on the broader market designed for a faster, more profitable sale

Hear from our agents: the case for Compass Coming Soon